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Right From The Stars

Blurb: When that one moment hooks you to success, that other moment has been sent to you for your destruction.

We do not have that "ultimate, "fixed" destiny awaiting us. Nobody creates our fate for us. Maybe the Almighty did but he never said so, so we create as the days meet.

Our best and worst moments are created right from the stars. And these short stories are my best and worst moments.

Hope you all like it!

Audience: Mostly teenagers but almost everybody is welcome. It is a collection of short stories, more like they are all within 200-500 words. Anybody who can give me constructive criticism is most welcome as well.

Sneek Peak Into The Collection:

Blank Canvas

She kept staring at the blank canvas. Too many ideas flooded her mind. All too common. There were too many to choose from.

Her mind was instructing her to do this and that, her conscience was telling her something else.

All the ideas that inundated her mind did not have that authenticity she was looking for. They were all too common.

Time is ticking ticking away like an Olympian athlete running for a marathon. To be more specific, time is ticking away like the way gamma rays travel.

It ticked on and she had kept on staring at the canvas with no idea until she got frustrated. Frustration still present in her eyes, she looked around and looked everywhere except the canvas.

She kept on looking around till she saw what caught her eyes the most. The summer sky in daytime. With the brightest and the whitest clouds ever to be seen floating across all of the blues.

With the biggest and the widest smile on her face, the glory of finding originality, she grabbed her markers, pens and the canvas. Remembering a silent happy thought, she started what she loved the most... Drawing.


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