Right Behind You

Right Behind You - student project


I had a blast with this project! Thank you to Brad who taught an excellent class! Thank you to everyone who helped me with this piece as well! I am very proud of it and will be selling it on my society6.com page! 

Thanks everyone!

Right Behind You - image 1 - student project


Phase 1

I chose to go with the word "Quiet". 

My word list:

Silence - Tiny - Calm - Think - Small - Simple - Beauty - Ninja - Relax

Had quite the time trying to figure out what to do based on this. I took a step back for a couple days and then the image of a cop making his rounds at night came into my head...and then a mischevious little ninja behind him. 

Right Behind You - image 2 - student project

Phase 2 & 3

I made some adjustments to my original sketch in the illustrated version.

Right Behind You - image 3 - student project

Here is after I added lighting effects and made some more adjustments. 

Right Behind You - image 4 - student project

Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated! 

Thanks everyone,


Justin Jones
Designer & Illustrator