Rift: Scene and Sequel


(This is the scene and sequel of the trigger in act 1)

(Note: This story is in the form of a webcomic, so my scene may be a bit more minimalist.) 

Goal: Atlas wants to defeat this mysterious person (the antagonist) and end their battle.

Conflict: The antagonist is much stronger than Atlas and easily outclasses him.

Disaster: Because of his ignorance, Atlas has to be saved by his friend, who dies in the process.

Emotion: In shock, Atlas becomes blind with fury.

Thought: Atlas wants nothing more than to destroy this person. First, he ruins Minerva's plans. He then kills his best friend in cold blood. He screams at the antagonist, threatening him. But with a cold glare from the antagonist and the actual realization that his friend is dead, Atlas can't do a thing.

Decision: Atlas understands that this man is too powerful, but he's so overcome by emotion that eventually, he crumbles.

Action: Atlas, overcome by sadness and fear, falls to his knees and cradles his dead friend.


(Before she could finish her attack, a hand grabs Ari's fist, and she stops dead.)

(Ari looks up, seeing the antagonist's eyes. She then quickly jumps back, visibly startled.)

(We get a view of the man from Atlas' perspective. A tall man with a long winter jacket and a hood covering his face.)

(Atlas, after seeing him stop Ari's attack, asks, "Who the hell do you think you are?!")

(The antagonist calmly looks towards Atlas, saying nothing.)

(Atlas, believing this man is as strong as the rest, boldly claims, "Minerva already took down your operation!")

(He then says, "The police will be here soon, just come with us, and no one will get hurt.")

(The antagonist simply states, "No.")

(Atlas, still thinking that he is the stronger one, states, "Then I'll have to take you myself!" As he proclaims this, he quickly teleports to the man, planning to attack.)

(The antagonist, with unimaginable speed, dodges the attack and punches Atlas in the stomach.)

(The attack startles Atlas, and he doubles over, clearly in pain.)

(Ari worriedly calls out his name and tries to make her way over. But she's so exhausted that she's blocked by the person they were fighting before.)

(The previous enemy states, "Don't try and stop him, this is how the boss gets sh*t done.)

(Atlas, doubling over, looks up just fast enough to see the antagonist making a strike towards him. A strike that seemed even stronger than the punch he had thrown before.)

(Atlas braces for impact, but instead, he hears the dripping of blood and a grunt of pain. He opens his eyes and sees Ari, with a lethal wound in her chest, standing in front of him.)

(Ari, while facing Atlas, says, "Just in.....time." She had used the last of her energy to teleport in front of the attack, stopping it from hitting Atlas.)

(Ari collapses to the ground because of her injury. Atlas is shell-shocked and looks between Ari's dying body and the antagonists' bloody hand.)

(This confusion quickly turns into blinding rage, and he screams, "HOW DARE YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!")

(Atlas reels back his fist, preparing to attack, but he is stopped. Not physically, like Ari had been, but mentally. The antagonists' cold gaze almost seems to paralyze Atlas, and he can't bring himself to move.) 

(Atlas realizes the weight of the situation and falls to his knees. He begins to cry over the loss of his friend.)

(Atlas looks up at the antagonist, teary-eyed, and weakly claims, "I'll...kill...you.") (The faint sound of police sirens is heard in the background.)

(The antagonist hears Atlas' claim, bends down completely stoic, and states, "You're too weak." He snaps his fingers ((the same thing Atlas does to open rifts)) and vanishes before the police arrive.)