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Riding the UPDraft - ASK / LISTEN

Riding the UPDraft - ASK / LISTEN

 Building Brilliance - The AGE of INTERACTION in a connected world

I fly radio control ‘gliders,’ small model airplanes with NO POWER or engines of any kind. When I toss my glider off a cliff out into the wind, they ‘fly’ without any power of their own. My favorite glider is a scale model WW2 Japanese Zero. It will fly at speeds up to 132 miles per hour, without any engine or power device – just the UPDRAFT to ride on.

To FLY my airplane must fall to gain airspeed. Standing on a cliff, you can feel the wind as it rushes or blows past you. This ‘wind’ coming into the cliff ‘has’ to go somewhere. That somewhere is UP (called the upDraft or lift).  When I throw my plane out into the upDraft it falls to gain air speed. But the upDraft (the wind) is going ‘UP faster’ than my plane needs to fall to fly.  My plane soars out and UP! In the upDraft, I can zoom all over the sky - doing loops, split S maneuvers, barrow rolls, outside loops, inverted flight, any move possible for an aircraft--with no engine at all. My glider interacts with the upDraft. I make corrections with my Radio Controls based on the ‘response’ of the my glider. I ‘Ride the upDraft,’ doing magnificent maneuvers, creating a ballet in the sky… BRILLIANCE based on interaction.

There is a New Force in the Universe. The tools and toys of the mixed generations have given us something we have never had before. The evolution of society and its method of INTERACTION. Those engaging it are winning in ways others only dreamed of. Those who are NOT - well... are no longer.

This force (upDraft) IS EVERYWHERE. Those listening, working, and watching are creating the rumble, the brilliance. Driving product creation, driving business methods, driving how clients are treated, the upDraft is the force driving everything. It is the ‘Method of Dominance and Survival.’ The innovators of the world are embracing its power, leaving their competitors waving in the wind.

The future belongs to those who “Ride the upDraft.”

Sniff a Lion you become Lunch.

Fall in front of a stampeding Elephant you get crushed.

But - RIDE an Elephant, you go forever and can CRUSH a Lion with a single STEP.

-jc 2012

Innovators STEP into the upDraft (responses) and gain insight and understanding. Allowing their thoughts, visions, and dreams to be hyper-flexed with the thoughts, wants, and opinions of others. Removing mental vacuums, creating spectacular visions and pathways, they were incapable of accomplishing or seeing by themselves.

There are laws governing the universe. One such law - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is impossible to have ‘no’ reaction. When you take the action of ‘stepping’ into the upDraft you will get a reaction AND, if you listen (Ride the upDraft) you can create and build the brilliance!

If you never listen, you are doomed to hear only what you already know. Destine to run and re-run the tunnels of your own mind.

Look at Google. You type something into the browser, a question, statement, item, anything. Then you look at the response (the upDraft) to your question or inquiry. Google’s entire model is based on providing you with upDraft information and allowing you immediate interaction based on the results of that interaction.

Look at what Amazon has done using the upDraft. You go to Amazon.com, you type in what you are looking for. You find it… then what is the first thing, you do, after checking the price? Exactly, you read the reviews (the upDraft). The reactions, feedback, opinions, and thoughts of others about what you are looking at. That allows you to create additional thoughts and opinions of your own and make a decision, a course of action and direction.

Facebook added one simple piece to their equation… Relationship Status? BOOM! Brilliance realized from interaction of thought and idea. Simple, easy, perfect inspiration (infusion) with other people’s thoughts and the builder of brilliance.

Paying attention, listening, merging the ideas until the arrival of the ’12-Lane Mental Highway!’

The 12-Lane Mental Highway is what happens, to you, when your idea moves forward. It is like hitting an open 12-lane highway of thought. Wide-open highway! The lights GO ON! You find yourself making notes on any scrap of paper so you can find. Scrambling to find that app on your phone to record the thought before you forget it! Typing madly to get the ‘core’ of the thought down as other thoughts spring in and appear. Building on each other. The clarity is breath taking at times. You even find yourself strapped with your laptop into the bathroom; concerned not not to miss any new thought dart. Because at times… if not recorded they fade and are lost.

ASK and LISTEN. What Doers know that Talkers don’t! I have always been bothered by the phase, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” It just bothers me in its core principle. I prefer to change that statement to, “Live it ‘til you learn it.” Much better and more true. It says, take action. Fail and learn. Learn and Live. Something talkers rarely do! Often, too afraid to hear the silence, listen then learn.  

Talkers are so busy talking that they do not have time to hear a new thought that they could learn from and grow. Talkers are doomed to know only what they already know. They will not ‘shut up’ and listen to improve their own view and perspective with the thoughts and interactions of the upDraft. We kill so much forward thought with the desire to ‘tell and talk’ what we just thought. When listening, make a note and listen on… learning more from the idea infusion. Soar higher with the new thoughts made possible, continue to listen. 

We all know it is wiser to learn from the mistakes of others and move forward. There is not time to make all the mistakes ourselves. ASK / LISTEN and Build.

The upDraft is feedback, the upDraft is interaction, the upDraft is co-mingling thought for better vision and outcome. Better perspective and insight.

Riding the upDraft - you ride and gain altitude, you ride and see more, you ride and see differently; ‘exactly’ what you need to build higher.

Those who listen, in this noise filled world, can ‘find the path’ to what they want to create, do, or become. Building thoughts, ideas, visions, and pieces to their puzzle they could not see on their own. The infusion of others thoughts merged with their vision to build and become brilliant.

My project is to use social media to hear the stories of others ‘Riding the UPDraft’ on their path to brilliance. To hear how using the UPDraft (reaction and response) has infused original ideas to the final outcome of small and big accomplishments.


Myself, I used the UPDraft to solve the ‘feast or famine’ of annual income for tax professionals… without adding bookkeeping and payroll deadlines to my workloads. After years of trying to solve this problem, I ASKED others about what I was trying to figure out and what outcomes I was struggling with. I LISTENED and together with the responses and interactions of others we created taxAutoPAY. Resulting in year round revenues, for accountants, doing just tax work and solidifying a 12Week work year. It changed the way tax professionals get paid. Brilliant!  Easy - once figured out. Prior to that … impossible to see without the interactions – the UPDraft.


ASK / LISTEN is about riding the UPDraft, and seeing what you by yourself cannot see. Gaining altitude to new perspectives and finding new and better solutions from that height. Allowing you to build the brilliant solution we all need you to find and share. Please step into the UPDraft and build ‘your’ brilliance for the world to learn.

Excerpts from my new book to be published May2014.


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