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Cristiano Sarmento

Graphic Designer



Ride Or Die

I'm working in a motorcycle series of posters. 

When I was young my father used to fixed motorcycles and take me to trips around my city.
As a grow man, I bought my own bike and I love to ride, it helps me find solutions for my problems
and enjoy life out of work. 

In this piece I'm trying something different, but no sure where this is gonna take me. hahaha.

For the type I have used a medium brush with a acrylic black paint and after I made my type I've used grease above the paint, I just wanted to bring something from the motorcycle world, then after I put the paper in recipient with motorcycle oil to seen what happens. 

The paper now has a glow because of the oil and the grease seems like a varnish over the type. But the paper isn't 100% dry, so it will be hard to put in a frame. hahaha Also the paper got the smell of oil, so you can feel as you are in your motorcycle. 

So that's it, some goodie shitty of the day. 

Let me know your thoughts!


Cristiano Sarmento


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