Ride AZ

Updated Dec, 19th 2012

The link to my project is http://polar-waters-3646.herokuapp.com/. The link to my github project is https://github.com/ericnation/omrails. The name the app is Ride AZ. I haven't had time to continue working on it but I do plan to make a complete functioning prototype. I just need to complete all of Michal Hartl's tutorial. 

Ride AZ is going to be a social media application exclusive to motorcycle riders living in Arizona. The app will let the user create a profile, add friends, share stories, and their favorite road to ride on in Arizona. That would be one of the main features of the site is to find out awesome MC rides to go on in AZ. 

The user can upload photos from the ride, post directions, cool stops and bars along the way, good camping spots, ect. I know there is already an application like this out there....but it sucks. And the mobile app is expensive. 

This application will be a side project for me soley for the purpose of learning RoR. If it happens to do well and people start signing up.....awesome! 

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