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Richer, Sweeter, Deeper, Higher: My Life List 1.0

It's taken me a lot of time to choose which one of my life list (in progress!) goals to work through and get feedback on--I don't know if I should choose the ballsiest, or the most necessary, or the easiest, or what. My chief goal for Life Listing is in the title of this project: I want to do things that make my life deeper, richer, deeper, sweeter, and make me more capable of creating that kind of life. These are the 15--out of 52!-- to work on immediately:

1) Exercise and move intentionally 3x per week

2) Feel comfortable and confident in shorts!

3) Go to every museum in LA

4) Paint with watercolors or multimedia once a week; keep a journal

5) Call long-distance friends 2x per month to connect

6) Host Shabbat dinner

7) Travel around California

8) Clean out car and take it in for service

9) Make my home Deisgn*sponge Sneak Peek-able

10) No clothes or shoes for 6 months of the year

11) Write my students encouraging notes

12) Make my patio an awesome and relaxing place to hang out

13) Write, research and publish an article for education journal

14) Go to KCRW event

15) Make plans for one night-time fun event a month


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