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Ribbon Lettering


I started right in Illustrator and using a bold font as a guideline and a real ribbon started drawing my shapes. I quickly found it quite a bit more difficult than drawing out all the shapes on paper and then scanning them and drawing them again in Illustrator. But my impatience got the best of me and so I carried on. I found deciding what was the top layer and what was the next layer quite challenging. It was also super difficult to decide how to join the letters. As you can see I had a hard time with the 'N'.

I found the Photoshop tutorial part really helpful and started experimenting right away. It's been some years since I just played around in Photoshop, so this was super interesting and informative.


This is the finished piece and could use a lot of tweaking, but for a one day tutorial and two day effort, I'm super happy.

I'm sure I will come back again and again to this tutorial, just to relearn and refresh myself on some of the techniques.


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