Ribbon Earrings

Ribbon Earrings - student project

I didn't have the right size rectangular wire, so I decided to make my own "ribbons".  I cut two pieces of 4mm wide brass sheet (20g).  I textured the pieces with a texture sheet and just followed the rest of the directions, kind of.  I didn't notice the first video for soldering was just for the post earrings, so I  soldered the ends of my drop earrings together.  I actually used a piece of medium solder wire that I shoved up against the ends of the earrings inside.  I didn't need a T-pin because the sheet that I cut acted similarly to a jump ring.  I pushed the ends back and forth a bit and they "stuck" together.  After I soldered them, I realized I was supposed to put the earwire in - between the ends.  Instead, I filed a small groove at the top, melted some solder on the end of the wire and soldered that to the earring.  The brass tends to pick up a pink color in the pickle so I tried to get as much of that off as possible, but there is still a tinge of pink on the brass.