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Ribbit Books

Have you ever tried to teach a child to read?

I have.

My little boy started with book #1.... but then book #2 was too difficult. So he read book #1 again.... and again.... and again. It wasn't long before he had it memorized.

It's hard to learn to read when you just memorize the story.

So, I started writing my own stories for him to read from. Only, I wrote several books all at the same level. If you can read story #1, you can read story #2 and #3 and even #4. This way he had much more practice at each level. It was so much easier for him to progress this way.

Now I'm wanting to publish my stories for kindle. 

I'm currently working on the art work, and have most all the stories written.....

And my little boy reads like a champ!


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