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Rhino Party Hats

I chose to do a Rhinocerous themed pattern to enter into Spoonflower's weekly contest. 

Here is the brainstorm map that I started out with;

I really enjoyed begining the project by brainstorming what I associated with "Rhino Celebration". It really helped me come up with some unique ideas and to focus on creating something based on my first impressions of the subject matter.

Thinking of wrinkly textured skin, lead me to decide on keeping my pattern line/drawing based. Thinking of their horns and also ways in which I could visually celebrate them, I thought of party hats! Their horns are naturally shaped that way so I decided that I would draw in the party hat details on top of their horns. 
The plant motifs are all inspired by things that Rhinos eat such as figs and succulents.

Next are a few drawings of the motifs I wanted to explore;

It was really fun to make these sketches. I outlined my favorite ones so that I could live trace it in illustrator. The baby Rhino didnt end up in my final design, I didnt feel like it looked like a rhino enough and also I realized later that it looks like he has camel toe in his chest.

Here is the mood board I created;

This is the Motif and color scheme I first arranged;

Then I worked with the pattern tool to arrange and create my pattern.

This version is without the party hats;

Here is the final version with the party hats;

larger veiw of pattern;

I really enjoyed this class and am excited to create more patterns!



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