Rex - the expense reconciliation app!

Reconcile expenses shared by friends with ease thanks to Rex, the expense reconciliation app!

Group expenses are usually paid for upfront by someone in the group.  Roommates share expenses such as rent, utilities, and toilet paper.  Friends on a road trip share expenses such as the rental car fees, gas, and food.  Reconciling these expenses takes time, effort, and even moderate Excel skills!  Fear and procrastinate no more - Rex is here to help!  Tell Rex who's in your group, enter the expenses, and Rex will tell you the most efficient way to settle the bill!

Upon opening Rex, you can start a new Rex or view one you already created.

The first step to any Rex (after naming it) is to specify who's in your group.

After specifying who's in your group, add the expenses: what it was for (e.g. "gas"), who paid for it, the amount, and to whom the cost should be distributed.  By default, all expenses are shared evenly amongst all members of the group, but selecting "Advanced" in the dropdown allows you to select specific members of the group.

After all the expenses are entered, Rex is ready to go to work!  He'll figure out the most efficient way for your group to settle the expenses.  He'll also help you compose a detailed email to everyone in the group.

Clicking on anyone's name leads you to a detailed breakdown for that person, where you can also indicate that it's been paid.


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