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Revolver Los Angeles

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Revolver Los Angeles.  Our brand mission statement is "No Guts No Glory" and what we mean by this is if you don't have the guts to pursue your dreams because of hesitation or fear, you fail to seize the opportunities in front.  Revolver has the guts to put out honesty on what we believe in, what we stand for, & what we are against.  We Lock, Load, & Pull The Trigger with a Revolver Design!

The Story:  The brand was founded by Thien Nguyen aka tdn but everyone calls him Tin.  He was at a shooting range & rented a .357 revolver 3 inch barrel by Smith & Wesson .  He pulled the trigger in the shooting range & his gun was the loudest bitch from all the hand guns that were there.  The bullets are bigger than other handguns & the shells stay in the chamber after firing the revolver.  In addition, this gun is easy to hide on the streets because the short barrel.  This is why we find the Revolver a special gun with old school flavor (mechanism) that people still use today.  

Here is a sneak peek on Revolver Summer '14 Line & our theme is "Freedom"

Model: Angela Whitworth

Revolver Flag tee(white) 

Revolver box logo tee (white) & ss plaid button up shirt

Revolver box logo tee (black) & ss plaid button up shirt (white) 

Revolver Flag tee (black) & ss plaid button up shirt (red) 

Back logo on all our tees.  We only make two colorways because we like our tee designs to be inteconnected like yin & yang.  Black on white & White on Black with a sleeve tag.

Sleeve tag.

All of our products are made in the house.  We use our own screen print & heat press machines.  This our 1st cut & sew product we ever made.  We would like to share this with everyone because printed shirts are easy to make but cut & sew is completely different.  The fabric, buttons, tags & pattern making is put together in our house.  We proudly present our short sleeve plaid button up shirts.  You are about to witness no photoshop but straight exclusive photos from our home.


We want our products to be sold only at Reed Space, Opening Ceremony, Barney's New York, Union LA, Colette Paris  & Juice in Asia with other boutiques across the globe.  As for the Press then we would like see our product on Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, SlamxHype, Freshnessmag, Reed Pages, Complex or Asia's COOL magazine, YOHO, Inventory, The New Order, & other PRESS for streetwear.  All the names mention here is our target audience.  We welcome all consumers from around the globe.    

PRICES:  Screen Printed tees in blk or wht - $40 USD

Cut & Sew Plaid  button up shirts in any colorway - $100 USD

Reason For Our Price:  Quality is what we bring to the table but it comes with a cost.  We're the brand that give a $hit on what you wear because were the ones that do CARE.  We want to protect our brand.  We pick the best possible fabric or material.  High Quality is what we always try to aim.

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