Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood

Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood - student project

When I moved to Oakland 2 years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew from my experience working in D.C. that scare-stories about inner city crime rates are often over-blown, and that violent crime predominantly occurs within specific neighborhoods and rarely spill over. While this is a problem that demands a solution, I knew the city couldn't be as bad as people made it out to be. 

I arrived and saw a beautiful waterfront neighborhood with the life of a Saharan desert. Most storefronts were vacant, but the streets were cleaned, flower decorations were fresh, and private security patrolled the streets. Because things looked good, I assumed the neighborhood was on the upswing. 

Two years later, there is a bit more life around, but vacancies and blighted buildings still abound. Here is a map of the three blocks people have to walk to approach the waterfront:  

Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood - image 1 - student project

One thing not shown here is the decrepid and stinky state of the I-880 underpass, but what is clear is that approaching Oakland's waterfront is a dire and often unpleasant enterprise. 

I have been working with the local neighborhood association to establish a Business Improvement District and build community leadership for the revitalization of the area. I want to create a map that showcases the businesses present, especially those tailored at residents. This map should both function as a tool to encourage patronage of local establishments and to highlight need (i.e. a grocery store). This map will be printed, probably in a booklet/brouchure format.

Dear class, I need your help in keeping things unburnished by too much detail. Here is a map of my pantry that I stopped working on when I noticed I had overloaded it with detail. 

Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood - image 2 - student project

And here is my attempt at drawing at a smaller scale in an effort to force myself to reduce details. I have a bit of a challenge maintaining proportions in smaller scales. 

Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood - image 3 - student project

Looking forward to this!

Tommaso Nicholas Boggia

P.S. I live on a boat with my partner Eva, here is the 'map' floor plan:

Revitalize an underperforming neighborhood - image 4 - student project