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Reverse engineer zen

[Feb 4-5] See updated portfolio details below:

[Feb 4] wrapping up my actual portfolio project right now, almost ready, posting before the deadline. Below is only a case study one pager

Rather than portfolio collection, this is a skill "portfolio collection" that show off my computer skills, then business, then technical management. The progress bar at the skill section showcase wether I am a beginner, intermediate or expert

Popup after clicking on Details link of the homepage

Secondary popup to replace the first when a specific skill hyperlink is clicked


I will start a personal project to study, analyze awesome websites like Shopify, Pinterest, Twitter, and figure out how to reverse engineer them, may be wireframe, may be by description. As I don't have a personal project to work on, nor a specific website to design. 

[Update Feb 4] Will also wireframe for portfolio as desired by the class

I am super excited to land on this reverse engineer "project". It will be a great way to get started with my first wireframing class ever, and get some good practice.

You can monitor my progress here and make sure I actually do it.

First entry will be made ~


[Update Feb 4] Studying good websites using wireframe: Shopify (also see my explanation, conclusion here.)


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