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Kristen Kipilla

Graphic Designer / Type Enthusiast




I typically don't create illustrations and am more of an inDesign user creating layouts and such. I am trying to tap into my creativity that I feel I left behind in college.

After writing down some keywords, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create something realistic in a somewhat abstract form that represents "ear-splitting" volume.

It tends to take me quite some time to come to a decision about what I want to create and how.

So once I've decided on my term I did some uber fast sketches and quickly turned to the computer.

I knew I wanted to create shapes from the ear and utilize color + pattern/texture to convey the loudness.

Again, super quick sketch and I took to the computer.

Currently, I am utilizing pre-existing patterns which I would like to change and make some of my own. I started to apply color which I think I'm happy with but since this creative freedom is so foreign to me after 4 years of corporate design world, I'd love to hear any and all feedback without hesitation!


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