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Revenge At Spoon River

7/24/2014 - Draft #4

IMO, this is definitely the strongest draft. I want to get this in before the deadline but I'm going to keep working on it maybe to get a 5th draft up. 

THANK YOU to everyone whose LIKED the project and commented. 

7/22/14 - Update

I just received some feedback from draft 3 from my screenwriters group and I will have draft #4 up before the July 24th due date. Thanks everyone for the continued LIKES and feedback. Again I will try to give as much feedback to others projects before July 24th. 

7/12/14 - Draft #3

I fixed a couple of details and also reworked the flashback/dream. Again THANK YOU everyone for all of the likes, encouragement and feedback. I promise I will do my best to review your project. THANKS!

7/2/04 - Draft #2

Still a lot of flaws that I hope to iron out in the next draft or two. Starting to really see the structure and outline of the story. 

THANK YOU to everyone that has LIKED my project and given me feedback. I will try to give feedback as well to as many as possible, time permitting. 

6/23/14 - Draft #1 

I chose this project based on two stories from the, 'Spoon River Anthology' by Edgar Lee Masters. The stories actually complaint each other as they tell the tale from two different perspectives. 

The two stories are, "The Town Marshal" and "Jack McGuire". 


Draft #1 shared externally on DropBox


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