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Reveling in Autumn

I love my local farmer's market.  And I love food.  And I love cooking.  So I knew when I saw Julie's class that I had to take it to learn more about food collaging.  I went to farmer's market and I purchased some of my favourite staples of Autumn: various squashes, maize, apples, etc.  I also just got a batch of jalapeños from my brother's farm, so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my collage as well.  I used an old coffee burlap sack as my background.  

For my first attempt, I wanted to focus on all the bumpy textures of ornamental squash and maize, and still making the colours pop.  This first pic - I didn't like how all of my red was in one location and I didn't like the edges.

So I split it up:

Even though I like the feel of all of the produce bunched together, I didn't feel there was enough variety for this type of collage.  

So I tried cutting things up - with an inside look into my spaghetti squash.  I even distributed some of the squash seeds among the rosemary and pomegranate arils.  However, I didn't like how the spaghetti squash took over the picture.

There were several more versions until I felt the pomegranate was given its due focus.  

The end result:

I had a lot of fun playing with food and light and colour - I can't wait to incorporate what I've learned into my daily Instagram fun and my photography for my blog!!  I need new knives :D

I'd love to see all of y'all on instagram: @safe_travels


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