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Revamping An Existing Site/Blog


I've had a blog since 2003.  I have not been consistently posting for a number of reasons yet I like the continuity and I would rather revamp the site and rethink my strategy based on my current goals than start from scratch.

I plan on going back to independent consulting, which will require me to have a professional website.  At this point, I need:

  • branding
  • a dynamic blog content strategy
  • content about my consulting services
  • a strong "about me" page

I have ruled out outsourcing, so I'm on my own.


  • Soft launch began in Fall 2015
  • Major fixes by end of January 2016
  • Official launch / full time availability as consultant (August 2017)

Note:  Given the scope of the assignment, I'm limiting myself to the website, but it's part of a broader online presence strategy.  The implication is that there are lots of things I will be doing online for outreach/marketing that are meant to bring people to my site,, but will not be ON my site. In other words, the offsite and onsite parts of my strategy are very  interlinked.


A website that:

1) accurately demonstrates my capabilities, professionalism, credibility;

2) provides critical information potential clients need to make a decision;

3) is easy to maintain and upgrade.

Support and Feedback (thank you in advance)

  • Alexandra Fillip - branding and digital strategy advisor
  • Class instructor and other participants


Logo is being redesigned.

See also "Do you have a blogging strategy?  Think Before You Post", which I posted on December 9, 2015 and is about deciding what to post where.


Initial brainstorming map.




Fillip Consulting, LLC

Background and Assumptions

  • No cost/low cost approach, using the Blogger platform with minimal customization.
  • Keeping existing blog content accumulated since 2003.
  • No outsourcing for blog content, some help from new media savvy daughter with overall branding and strategy.


The logo is a key element of the branding strategy.  It is meant to reflect the two colors used to develop insight maps.  It is a simple two-color scheme and should be used throughout.  Beyond that, the idea is to keep it as simple as possible. Make sure all maps and all future products are appropriately branded and copyrighted.

Deadline:  January 1, 2016


  • Home - Rename “home” as “blog”.   Given the restrictions imposed by the Blogger platform, the layout is the same for each page.  As a result, it is best to optimize the space so that it works relatively well for all pages.  Blog content development is further detailed below.

    Deadline:  January 15, 2016

  • About Me - Redirect to my LinkedIn profile and add a summary paragraph.

    Deadline:  January 15, 2016

  • Services -  This will need a summary at the top and revisiting every six months to consider adding and deleting based on demand.

    Deadline:  January 1, 2016, every six months thereafter.

  • Publications and Presentations -  This page needs to highlight the latest or most relevant publications and presentations with an image.  Highlight new publications in the blog and as a featured post.  Create new content (article or presentation) each month.  Build based on workshop/training content development.

    Deadline:  January 15, 2016, add new publications as necessary, and monthly additions.

  • Insight Maps - Create a new page that provides a “gallery” of maps.  Make sure all maps are appropriately branded and copyrighted.  Add one map every month.

    Deadline: February 1, 2016


The overall strategy is to use the blog as part of “working-out-loud”, documenting insights and lessons as I work, learn, and teach.

Frequency: The goal will be to post four posts per month.  At least one blog post per month should be directly related to a service provided.  Example:  Announcing the SkillShare course when ready.

Themes:  Knowledge management, organizational learning, meta-learning (learning how to learn), insight mapping.  Other possible related themes:  neuroscience, cognitive psychology, new technology, workplace of the future, etc…  Try to establish a monthly theme:  Pick a topic and split it into 3 short blog posts + one resources list.

Blog Post Types:

  • Aim to include two maps per month, try to add other types of visuals (avoid all-text posts), add images to maps when appropriate, add photography and visual notetaking and drawings.
  • Revisiting old posts and topics (like rereading a book)
  • Picking up on conversations in other platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…) or live events
  • Insights from readings, podcasts, other sources of learning (including other SkillShare classes)

Strategies to ensure consistency in the frequency of postings:

  • Set reminders in Google Calendar
  • Write down initial post ideas as drafts in Blogger and review them when drawing a blank.
  • Pre-plan four posts that are “timeless” about key themes and can be posted when the workload doesn’t allow me to write something fresh.  
    • Examples:  Toastmasters speeches and experiences.

Blog Post Calendar for January to March 2016

January: Motivation - Setting yourself up for success

  • Mapping your New Year’s Resolutions
  • My Personal Learning Plan 2016
  • The Role of Incentives and Motivation in Learning
  • Resources:  A compilation of links related to motivational factors in learning and in knowledge management efforts.

February:  Learning and Teaching Online

  • SkillShare, Coursera and other online learning opportunities (insight map)
  • Launching “Learning to Map - Mapping to Learn” on Skillshare
  • Text, audio, video:  Learning to share knowledge via more diverse channels
  • Resources:  A compilation of links about Online Learning opportunities

March:  The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

  • Planning a Knowledge Sharing Workshop  (insight map)
  • The Power of Conversations
  • Pitching Knowledge Management
  • Resources:  A compilation of links about conversation and face-to-face communication as a key element in knowledge sharing.

Revisit this plan mid-March 2016 to adjust for the following three months.

Comments and feedback welcome!


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