Revamped SunSaluter Partnership Email

Subject: Partnership Opportunity: SunSaluter and <Organization Name>

Dear <contact name>,

My name is Eden Full and I am the inventor of the SunSaluter, a $30 USD device that provides villages in developing countries with more electricity and clean water: http://www.triplepundit.com/2012/12/sunsaluter-purifies-water-power

By the end of this year, I would like to engage <organization name> in a partnership with the SunSaluter to:

  • Impact 5,000+ villagers using the SunSaluter technology through 20+ beta deployments through existing sites managed by <organization name> in <location>
  • Establish a SunSaluter subsidiary with <organization name>
  • Assist <organization name> in meeting your objective of <insert mission statement here>

With our 5 pilots in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, we have help over 5000 villagers to obtain up to 40% more electricity per solar panel, while incentivizing them to filter their water. Here's a presentation I gave at Techonomy 2012 that provides a visual explanation of how the SunSaluter works: http://techonomy.com/2012/11/eden-full-of-rosiecollis-technologies-at-techonomy-2012/

For a list of other media about the SunSaluter, please see: http://edenfull.ca/media/

I propose a phone call the week of the 22nd to discuss how we can work together. I am also happy to send you our Partnership Toolkit, which will specifically outline what is required to get SunSaluters on the ground in <location>. For example, your recent project in <specific location> would be a great place to deploy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your consideration!

Best wishes,



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