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Return of the past: EdKoch Bridge

Hi, I'm Konyca Francis.  It's funny how I am doing this now.  A few years ago I would of said no way!  Because I was shy to show of my love and passion for photography.  I've been taking pictures for about 7 or 8 years now but only recently started looking into it as a hobby.  Over the weekend I went to Roosevelt Island with two of my friends, and just kept shooting away, not even noticing the tour guide. Below I've attached the raw jpg of my image.  From here on, I will walk you through the 3 different steps and apps that I used to create my final image.

At first when I took this picture I thought to myself what a beautiful pic it is and needs no editing.  However after looking at the picture I realise it was not what I had vision it to be. I wanted it to look exactly as how I saw it through the naked eyes. So I decided to increase the saturation to about 19 in studio, which is an app that came with my galaxy S5. Below shows the result.

Then I thought what if I gave it an "old school" look.  And this is what it looked like. I used the B5 black and white preset in VSCO Cam. VSCO Cam has become my new best friend!

For the finally touches I used a green shadow tint in VSCO Cam. Increased it all the way up to 12 and was pleased with what it looked like. Hope you guys like it :). 


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