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Grace Garton

graphic designer, illustrator, artist



Return To Sender

Jet setting around the country is one thing I don't do very often, but my odd little art works I make and sell certainly do!

Mailing out parcels can be time consuming, filling out the backs of envelopes takes forever and is boring..a sticker is a perfect solution! I can just slap that little baby down and get in and out of the post office before the rest of the punters start queuing up and my partner hasn't asphyxiated in the car waiting for me



I'm going to give myself a very short time frame to complete my design. Above are a few quick sketches, playing around with the information, hierarchy, balance and whether or not to add a little graphic. I think there is one or two ideas ther that I want to develop further and even though the snail is a cool looking chap, save him for later, I'm going to add my logo, a crow into the design.

More to come soon...

Thank you Mr Aaron Draplin for putting together another great skillshare course.

Morning, so I did a couple of more little sketches and played with my crow icon, making him more streamlined..think I'm ready for illustrator.



Quietly happy with the last's a bit messy, need to go back in and measure my spaces and  tighten up the!


ok so here's where I'm at...the second one looks more balanced than the first. Would love some feed back. Thank you.

This is so much fun, went on and designed a special delivery sticker for my parcels..the colours are based on my business cards. Changed the crows wing to make it more plane please...




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