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Retro Radio / MAD MEN

Learning Illustrator has always been my achilles heel. I started doofing around with Photoshop over 15 years ago and never had a formal education, but managed to fake my way to be able to do a lot of things. Illustrator is a beast, which is what brings me here. I couldn't find any type of ad, necessarily, to replicate, but I saw a photo of a retro radio and it felt like a good challenge.

Texture-wise, I know I have a challenge ahead of me, but we'll see what happens when I get there. I only started with this yesterday and decided to start with just an outline...

From there, I was able to go in and fine-tune a few things and then add color. and make cleaner lines. I also went ahead and added in text, though I haven't gotten to that portion of the videos yet. Once I'm there, I may end up going back and altering a thing or two. Here's where I'm at so far...

I think this is my stopping point for this image, though I intend to do another one that's more along the lines of what Brad did. At least I'm not afraid of Illustrator anymore!

Now that I am more familiar with Illustrator, I went ahead and found a rad Olly Moss print advertising a Mad Men party and I did my best to replicate it.

Here's the original:

Here's my version:


Getting the dust speckle is something that I'm not too knowledgable about, but I did my best with the knowledge I have.


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