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Jade Nighbor

Communications Director at 9 Lives Design



Retro Neon

Project Experience:

As a beginner, I spent more time on trying to recreate the template for the photo inspiration than anything else. I was familiar with Adobe Colour so this step was the easiest. I learned a lot as I stumbled through Illustrator on CS6 but am happy with what I was able to put together. As I watched the video, I was thinking of using green, yellow, and dark purple but this quickly changed as I learned more about the project.

This class was a lot of fun and I will take part 2 as well as the rest of the Bootcamp. Thanks for making it easy for a non-designer Geri!!


Palette One:


Photos of vibrant colours from around the world as inspired by the target audience's love of travel. The purples and turqoises in these photos are hot in fashion and have been used in retro styling. 





- Grey= Apple products, technology, concrete

- Maroon= fall women's fashion, retro

- Neon green= fresh, excitement

- Turquoise= modern sophistication, fashionista

- Navy= classic, professional men's wear


While I think I still have some tweaking to do with the contrast between the maroon and the neon green, I enjoyed the variations in the results. The bright green was my choice to represent adventure and fun without copying the greens and yellows of competitor sites. It will look great as an accent colour on the website. I like how in the top right box, the neon stands out against the navy yet there's something about the grey one below that feels friendly and welcoming so I'm not sure which one I like more.

Interested to hear your thoughts! :)


Palette Two:


My friend Jenny's restored roadbike was the photo I chose as the images in the provided folder didn't meet the Brooklyn, Portland, San Fran hipster vibe. With the target audience digging vinyl, craft beer, and organic food, retro was the only way to go.


- Red= vibrant, energy, passion of art and music

- Brown= beer, coffee, vinyl

- Turquoise= fresh, fun, fashion-forward

- Avoided yellow and bright blues as too touristy and overused in competitor work


A mix of natural and modern colours which can blend to create a sophisticated mood on a website without being too stuffy. The reds and turquoise are vibrant and exciting when placed next to eachother so the earthy brown balances it out. 



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