Retro National Parks Poster

Retro National Parks Poster - student project

Years ago on a business trip, an ancient co-worker talked me into going to White Sands National Monument.  It was a VERY long drive and I thought, "This had better be worth it!"  It was.  I've never been so moved by anything, really, as I was that day walking through one of our countries greatest parks.  It sounds weird, being influenced by a bunch of sand, but there it is, I'm strange that way, I guess.

The National Park service issued a series of posters in the 1930's as part of the WPA in response to the Depression.  They sponsored struggling artists while promoting our nation's great assets.

I'm choosing to recreate one of the general wildlife posters showing big horn sheep.  My company is RAM TECH and our logo features a big horn.  I've never used Illustrator although I've tried.  It's not anything like Photoshop, my mainstay for graphics.  Wish me luck!