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Melissa Stewart

Collage Artist



Retro Kitty Pattern

I would like to design a mid-century themed kitty pattern. My mood board has 2 color palettes I like and two different styles of cat illustration: mid century design and cute vintage greeting card/children's book design.  I'm not sure which I prefer yet!

I also like the clocks and the idea of a printed image that is slightly off register.


I did 4 or 5 pages of drawings in my sketchbook, traced them on my ipad (this was a new technique for me, thanks Elizabeth!) and now I'm fiddling around with those digital sketches.


Today I made progress on finishing my rough vector sketches.  I would LOVE to add a textured background and use masks to apply some textures to several of the motifs.  I played around with this with no luck so far.



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