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Retro Floral

Hi Lin.  Thanks for the offer to post work for critique.

Here is a pattern I submitted and the feedback you gave:

This looks great as well as the moodboard and the lovely color palette you used! Great job in scaling some of the flowers down, adding the different colors to the flowers and the outlines to create more variety. I think if you rotated some of the red flowers a bit more it would look even better as can see the top and the bottom looks almost identical in their position and think it would be better if the inside part of the flower was completely purple without that bit of white there, but know that it might not be completely finished yet. Upload any progress you make in the project gallery later, even if it isn't finished as can see the image in more detail and can give more feedback, and other students might be also able to give feedback too. Great job!



My Pattern--Retro Floral


Here is the revised pattern reworking with the teachers comments--

Hi Lin.

Thank you so much for the feedback--I took your advice and got rid of the white pieces in the center flowers and rescaled and turned some of the blooms to be at different angles.  I'd like to do a second colorway and maybe create a few coordinates to go with this main print.   I enjoyed the class--Thank you!



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