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Retro But Contemporary Cycling Jerseys

My project is designing bicycle racing jerseys for my team. I currently design the jersey and have done so for many years.  Slowly but surely I have tried to bring some fun and style into them. When first started - they were pretty scary.  The jersey design is a battle between what I want and the need to feature sponsor logos (the size they get is dependent on their financial contribution) and the colors we can afford.The art is sublimated on and each color costs money.  The jersey manufacture is outsourced so I have several styles of tops and bottoms to choose from. By the way I spec the art I can create the illusion of color blocking,ribbing etc but it is tough.

Here is our current jersey.  Our team colors have blue, orange and white for years and that cannot change. To the right are the sponsors I need to fit on the kit.  

In addition to th jersys I also do a line of soft goods (hoodies, hats etc) that I sell to members so I keep that in mind as I do my design.

I really want to propose a kit (jersey,shorts and socks) next year that will hold and feature the necessary sponsor logs but will also be unique. I am greatly inspired by the "retro" look in cycling. Back in the day, you could finish win the Tour de France and look like you were wearing a sweater to go out on a date in. The jerseys now are so high tech and so sponsor driven that such a look seems impossible.

Does this guy look anything like a current rider would look after winning the Tour?

These old jerseys are wool and the art is emboridered or sewn as patches. Our current jerseys are super technical, very tight and the art is sublimated on.  The many design concerns I have include how the jersey will look on all teammates - men,women,skinny folks and a few folks who have a few extra pounds.  I have to account for the fact that what may look good on man as far as top and bottom,may not look good on a woman. I also have to remember that my team is not style driven.

It is important that our jersey be recognizeable.Our current jersey works well in races because it is easy to spot a teammate in a pack. You can tell where your colleagues are so if you decide to attack you will kow where your support is.  It is also important as far as our sponsor go. They give us money to put their business name on our clothing. They want it to be seen and I am sure they would consider withdrawing support if their logo was on some horrible looking outfit.

But i just love the older style!  I love the ribbing on the sleeves.

I love the fact that these guys have collars with buttons on their jerseys and they are in the Tour de France.

Here are some other images that inspire me.

Love the buttons on the sweater shoulder

Love the striped sweater.

So,with 3 colors (2 if you don't count white), about 20 sponsor images and somewhat reluctant client base, I want to propose a unique and classic jersey to my team this year.


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