Rethinking my author platform

Rethinking my author platform - student project

Step 1: Establish Your Voice. 

  • Who am I? That's the hard one, I actually had to ask people around me !  Based on my opinion and other people's answers, I'd say : smart, funny, good listener/adviser, likes to "empower" people and tolerant.
  • What do I have to offer? Writing advice for newbie writers, self-confidence advice (I lack it but I’m good at giving it !), book reviews, self-published authors interviews (I have a background in journalism that I could use for that…)


  • Statement:

I would like to use my blog to share my writing journey and give advice to newbie writers in a fun and accessible way. I’m a newbie too, which means I’m spending a lot of time researching and gaining experience. I could use this new knowledge to help other (struggling) newbie writers like me. It will be pure writing advice or motivational, self-esteem advice. As I'm depp in the journey, I know how it can feel like sometimes, so...If possible, I could also interview indie authors about their journey (writing and publishing). I’m already posting book reviews on my blog, but I must admit it’s not my thing, I’m a bit bored when I do that. But I know its popular on social media so, why not…Maybe just for the self-published authors I’m interviewing…

Step 2: Create a content game plan. 

Who is your target audience? The second hard one ! I have no idea ! The book that I’m currently writing will appeal more to 25 to 35 years old women. It’s a “realistic fiction” but with one inexplicable element. But not enough to be considered as fantasy But my next book will definitely be a YA fantasy, and then the one after will be a children’s book, or another realistic fiction (yes I have a lot of ideas). So it’s kinda hard to pinpoint a specific target audience at this moment…

What service are you offering? Writing advice, writing prompts, interviews, book reviews, and also random thoughts, because it’s my blog and I do whatever the F*** I want! 

Where are you going to post your content? For now, on my blog. When I'll have more to share about my current book, I'll create a proper author website where I can sell it and I'll include the blog on that website. I'll also use my Facebook author page (Note to self: create a FB page!)

When are you going to post your content? Once a week (currently on Tuesdays) on my blog, every two or three days on social media.

How are you going to spread the word? I’m already on Instagram but it doesn’t bring me traffic on my blog, hence the Facebook page (apparently even without it, FB is my main source of traffic). I’m beginning to use Pinterest as well. And I’ll also create a newsletter.