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Retelling Counting in Pictures

For my project, I am actually going to design a cover for an ebook that I wrote. The book is called Counting in Pictures: 

Currently, the cover design looks like so:

I bought the graphic at istockphotos and adding text to it in Photoshop. I have 2 ebooks, thoguht, and a 3rd on the way so I would really like to begin my own brand/design. This is the reason I found this workshop so appealing.


For the first part of the project I re-read my ebook. Frank Lloyd Wright makes an appearance in two space, oddly, but it's the first mention that I think calls to me the most. -When I found myself in a psychiatrist's office that looked like a room designed by FLW. Specifically, I describe a chair with orange upholstering like the chairs pictured in the image above. I think that this might be something to draw on- because it will remind the reader of where I started...compared to where I am now. 


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