George Hadzic

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Retain the Material While Have Fun

I want to make this as fun as possible while you gaining new skills in this course

So for the first time grab text, or a book that you read recently.

And now that you are familiar with it practice your techniques that you have learned in this course

First scan the text, then have a break, after scan it a little deeper gaining the basic information from the text. Now focus on the key parts of the text which contains the most valuable information ( in most cases first and last paragraph). After that what can be helpful is to have a list what have you learned from that text, then you will with each new scanning and reading filling up with new information, and keep them longer period.

Now here is a tip also in the next hour, learn the text again (20-50 min should be enough, it gives best results ). Then do again after another hour, then repeat the process till you come to the 5th hour. Like this you will retain more information than before.

So like this you will be not only familiar with the information but engaging it like this will have more benefits in the long run. So put this tip into practice first with material that is your cup of tea, have some more and more (not tea of course I mean on material) therefore you will realize that is more easier to remember information like this. And later on for your test or project you can also do it but know you will have confidence in yourself and know exactly how to use the technique.


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