Stephanie Faye

Freelance Designer & Coffee Connoisseur



Resume Revamp

This is a CV I put together several years ago which is in desperate need of a revamp. At the time, the colour scheme matched my business cards and layout matched my business cards, and since my focus is on design and illustration, I wanted to represent myself in a way that would showcase my style and interests.


UPDATE: Sept. 9

I was having a bit of difficulty refining the content for my resume as my creative career path is currently going in a number of directions. I decided instead to work on designs of complimentary documents so I could figure out a style and layout that would work for those (project proposals, invoices), then use elements from those documents to complete my resume and cover letter to achieve consistency.

Here are 2 documents created for my own company: 'A Brand Apart'. I started this as a freelancer to have a name and presence for people to approach me for work. A Brand Apart is the name I go by for branding and package design, and Forty Weight Design is my freelance illustration and design company that does more personal work unrelated to branding, such as baby shower invitations, event announcments, personalized illustrations and wedding suites, etc.

Anyhow! Here are 2 documents done as A Brand Apart for recent work completed for a local metal / leathergoods maker: Cost breakdown / project proposal and final invoice.



Things I like:
- organization / hierarchy
- simplicity
- changing large document title behind company info in top left for each document

Things I want to improve:
- logo
- more pizazz while maintaining clean aesthetic
- cutting down the number of fonts used


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