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Alessandra Barbosa

Working in UX. Lovin' all types of design.



Resume Redo -- Creative yet organized

This skillshare class has been tremendously helpful in understanding what makes a simple document visually solid. 

I did my first resume just I was just getting my first job in User Experience design. This iteration, now about 4 years later has shown a lot of progress.

THE BEFORE (Designed in Word)

A few of my own criticisms on why my early resume wasn't as strong as it cold be: 

  • Uneven line spacing and margins
  • Very heavy color blocking with titles
  • Uncommitted use of typography
  • Listing typing speed haha


THE AFTER (Designed in InDesign)

I cleaned up the latest version of my resume by paying close attention to the importance of hierachy, subtle color choices, clean fonts and much more white space.



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