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Resume Design Service

((Recent update)) April 23,2013

Updated code to include meta data keywords and descriptions, surrounded content with proper semantice elements and added video element. 

Since I did't have a relevent video I used the Blue Shoes video from the example. Also added footer to the bottom and figcaptions to images and video! 


Added Tables, Forms, and Iframe to Contact and Template Pages: 

Template Page added tables 

Contact Page added iFrame google maps and contact form


My first time building a website ever! Having a blast so far, thanks for explaining everything. I'm showing an idea about designing resume templates. Haven't gotten it hosted yet so I'm just uploading screen shots for right now.

Index page: h1: Resume Design Service. h2: Professional Templates; three links; image; and fill text.

Second Page is the Template Page: Nothing to see here yet. 

And lastly the Contact Page: Nothing to see here yet. 


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