Restroom - student project


I was commissioned to design/fabricate a 'Restroom' sign for the Cider Gallery. The building was built around the 1880s and functioned as a cider house until it was burned down sometime in the mid 1900s. It currently houses a gallery/event space as well as co-working spaces. The most recent renovation has done a wonderful job of salvaging weathered and even charred materials from the buildings past and reworked them into a modern interior that provides glimpses into the history of the space. With this sign, we wanted to combine a clean hand painted script with reclaimed wood, hopefully making the signage feel at home in this beautiful space. 


Restroom - image 1 - student project

Horizontal/Vertical Handles:

Restroom - image 2 - student project

Final Word/Digital Mock Up:

Restroom - image 3 - student project

*Once this design is approved, I will begin physical production and will update with photos of the sign*


We decided to incorporate some wood burning into this piece. With the old materials and even some charred remnants from a previous building fire still present, the burning will hopefully provide a bridge between the historic and the modern.

The black outline/drop shadow will be burned into the wood and then the script will be painted in white. Below is the first go-round to sketch the outlines.

Restroom - image 4 - student project

Here is a quick picture of the finished product. It is getting hung tonight and I should have better photos soon.

Restroom - image 5 - student project