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Restricted Underground Clothing

Brand: Restricted Underground Clothing

Shirt Title: Shocked Girly


Concept of the shirt

Front Print:

The general concept of this design was a logo print ( the "R" is the label-logo) as a graffiti letter combined with a sexy pinup girl. The colors are given because the whole collection, this shirt is from, was based on a black and white theme. I have used the comical style to give it a look similar to inked lineart graphic novels.


Back Print:

We always print our logo relatively big on the back of our shirts, so it's no special design for the back.


Shirt features:

The shirt you see on the pictures above is an American Apparel shirt 100% Cotton.

The front print is a direct-to-fabric print and the back logo is a flex print.

I used these specifications mostly because of the low production cost for small amounts.

Additional on the pictures below I also have a produced sample of the shirt from our manufacturer in India, which is a custom cut & sew, 100% cotton shirt, screenprinted front and back including woven labels.





1. The direct printed shirt is produced for 25$ each with no minimum quantity.

2. The custom cut screenprinted shirt is 10$ per shirt with a minimum quantity of 100 shirts including woven labels, hangtags and packaging excluding delivery. At a higher quantity prices will adjust.

Why I decided to use this shirt?

First of all, because it's one of my most favorite designs. It shows perfectly what I want to achieve with my brand, a stylish sexy look which is a bit provoking but still gives room for interpretation. It also combines my fetish for clear and high-contrast design and my excessive love for graffiti with one of my most drawn theme of pinup girls topped by my brand logo. I honestly thought a long time about the which design I should use here and also drawn some more "mainstream" or "meaningful" but I decided to go with this one as it is for me a perfect sum-up of all me and my brand stands for basically. And the best reason why I used this is, even if I don't get chosen, I showed my best and it's not because I made some mistake, it's just because I'm not the right guy but at least I can keep it real ;)

Some words about me:

In general I'm exclusively working under my "graffiti nickname" Dirty-Six. I was born 1986 in Munich,Germany and started learning to draw graffiti when I was 12 years old. I graduated from higher technical college - department for design & arts in Salzburg, Austria in 2008. Following up some art exhibitions of my graffiti and streetart and official graffiti assignments mostly for public-city-projects. I started making first shirt designs in 2003, my main drive at this time was that I just was to scared for the illegal graffiti thing and started to search for a way to bring my stuff to the people without being scared of cops so I thought it would be cool to "tag" directly on the people and let them carry my name out there and also paying me for this. Seemed like a good plan but I haven't thought about all the cost, even without pre-production payment it was way too expensive to get the word out, but I keep doing shirt and designs anyways. In 2008 I moved to Innsbruck, Austria for a job as screen designer where I still work to this day, but I never gave up on my clothing, as I got better in designing I started my current brand "Restricted Underground Clothing" and tried to promote it with, well, more or less success to this day. During this year I decided to take the next step and move to a more affordable and quality production and also a more serious business with clear concept and business plan. And here we are, today I'm trying my luck here and maybe we can go the next steps together.


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