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Restore to me the joy of your salvation

My Phase: Restore to me the joy ofyour salvation - Psalm 51:12

This verse have been giving me a lot of comfort lately, so I figured I'll make a poster and have a reminder to myself daily. 

Practice letters

I practice with three differnt words from the phase (restore, joy, and salvation) as I'm trying to learn different lettering styles and figuring out a rough layout for the phase.


I really like the connected script for the word restore and it was fun playing with it. I'm still learning how to write all the words differently, and still having some difficutly coming up with ornate letters without coloring it in. 

As for the word joy, i initially relating the word joy to the sun, so I tried fitting the word in a shape of the sun. 

Rough Drafts


I really like thumbnails #3 and #6, but I havent really seattle on any one designs yet. I might just do a rough drafts of couple of them and then finalized what I like. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

to be continue...


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