Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services

Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services - student project

I am very new to UX/UI. I am currently creating web design agencies that offer services to specific niches/industries. The first one I am building will be providing services to restaurants and other businesses within the food industry (Food Trucks, Delivery Services, Meal Planners, etc.). It's only right I build my websites with a UX/UI approach.

Brief Summary of Scenario: 


A frustrated restaurant owner struggling to acquire new customers. He has tried hiring a digital agency to help manage social media pages and post promotions and specials for the restaurant but the results were not favorable. He now has a hard time trusting digital agencies after that experience.


Regardless of his negative experience, he still knows he needs to seek help. But which agency should he choose? There are so many options. He is on the quest to find the agency that speaks to him and will deliver the results he is looking for.






  • AGE: 55



Likes Baseball: 

- Watches baseball games, plays baseball in a local small business owner’s baseball league

- Likes to work around the house. He is a handy man of sorts.



- Spends a lot of time at work

- Married with 3 children: 

     - 1 is attending college in another state.

     - 1 is working in their professional field in NYC. 

     - The other is in high school and works at Roberto’s restaurant.


He is not the best with technology:

    - Doesn’t have a smartphone

    - Not good with computers.







This scenario for my project is about a Restaurant Owner who is struggling to acquire new customers. He still uses advertising methods such as flyers, newspaper ads, phone book ads, and sometimes radio ads. But he isn't seeing as much success with these advertising channels as he used to in the past. 


He hired a digital agency a while back. They managed his restaurant's social media pages and they said it would give him results. But he hasn't noticed anything that justifies paying them all that money. Although he finds that this agency didn't really help him and just wasted his money, he still knows that he needs to be visible online in order to acquire more customers. He doesn't know who to trust and is overwhelmed by all of the options for digital agencies online. 


After a while of contemplating and putting the task of searching for help on the back burner, he’s now on a mission to search for and hire a freelancer or agency that can actually deliver the results he’s looking for.


 - He doesn’t know where to start, and needs help. He is busy running the restaurant and trying to keep up with day to day operations, and he finds the task of bringing in someone to help him with his online presence overwhelming.


When the restaurant is dead, he pulls out his laptop performs some Google Searches.


  - There are so many options to choose from. So he clicks on several of the search results that come up.


He now has a difficult time figuring out which one to choose:


  • Why should he choose them instead of the other agencies in his area?
  • What makes one agency different than the others?
  • What are the exact services they can provide him with?
  • How will those services benefit him?


He finds that when he visits the agency websites, they are confusing:


  • The services aren’t explained clearly enough to him for him to understand what each of the services are
  • They don’t specifically tell him how he will benefit from their services
  • There are too many sections on the home page that don’t relate to his needs. So he is confused at what he should be looking at. He is also confused about the pages on the website and doesn’t know if they relate to him either.
  • There is no clear path for him to take once he visits the website.


He is looking for a website that:


  • Speaks directly to him.
  • Uses words and phrases he is familiar with
  • The content and information is displayed in a sequential format that would make it easy for him to follow along and take the information in
  • Allows him to clearly find the information he needs and is looking for, without him having to search all over the website with no clear direction, only to hope to find the information he is looking for




One day during a dead period in the restaurant, he pulls out his laptop again. He finds our agency website through a more refined Google Search - “Restaurant Web Design New Jersey”.


 - He sees our website on the first page of the Google Results. The website description speaks directly to him - “Example Digital Agency | “Restaurant Web Design”

- He clicks on the website. As soon as he lands on it, it speaks directly to him and captures his attention.


He goes through all of these phases once he lands on the website: 






 - This first section includes a value proposition, that captures his attention and appeals to his self interest. E.g:


 - "We Focus on Your Website Needs, So You Can Focus on Making Great Food." (Value Proposition is still a work in progress)


He continues to scroll down. The following sections on the website include:






- Speaks to his potential first objection (“Is this for me?) with questions like:


“Why Are You Here?”


 - Is your website ugly/outdated?

 - Do you need help creating and managing a website?

 - Is it hard for people to find your restaurant online?

 - Does your restaurant have an inconsistent brand identity, or none at all?






This section speaks to his potential second objection (does this work?) with solutions and stats:


- We will do this using empirical data/social proof




 - (Side Note -- Since I am starting a brand new web design agency with no prior clients - I will provide the benefits of my services and industry statistics regarding local restaurants acquiring new customers and generating business through the use of online channels, since I don’t have my own social proof/portfolio/testimonials just yet.)



Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services - image 1 - student project







We will now be explaining our services


  • Explaining our main services (Web Design and Development for Restaurants)
  • Explaining our additional services:


 - Website Hosting

 - SEO

 - Branding (Brand Reputation + Brand Identity)


Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services - image 2 - student project






This section will explain the Web Design + Development Options in further detail. Clients have two options they have for getting a website from us:


  • The Express Option (These are pre-built website templates that we have built.) The features and benefits of choosing this option will be explained.
  • The Custom Option (This would be a completely customized website created based on specific needs of the restaurant owner). The features and benefits of choosing this option will be explained.






The following section will allow the users to Browse through the gallery of our Pre-Built Themes, to see if they can picture it as a website of their own.

In the gallery, each of these themes will feature two buttons below the theme preview:


1. “Preview Website”

If they click “Preview Website”, a new tab will open up, which will be a live preview of the theme they selected


2. “Make This My Website”

If they click Make This My Website”, they will get taken to a page that features a form for them to fill out with their restaurant’s information, contact info and a section comments/details for the website. (work in progress)


Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services - image 3 - student project







Once they scroll down past the gallery of ready made websites that can preview and/or claim as their own, they will see a section that includes something like this:


“Looking for Something More Unique?”


If you are looking for a custom website theme to reflect your restaurant's brand identity, show users what makes your restaurant special, and cultivate a one of a kind browsing experience for your website visitors, a ___________ Custom Website Theme is the solution for you.


Our personalized custom website design plans and packages are tailored to meet your individual needs and fit within your budget, and the results are sure to impress each and every visitor to your site.


Building a Custom Website with us is as easy as ordering toppings on your pizza. Contact us today to discuss your Custom Website Design needs.

[Let's Talk]


Restaurant Owner Seeking Website Services - image 4 - student project




After Roberto clicks the "Let's Talk" button, he gets taken to a page that asks him questions such as:


  • Name*
  • Phone Number*
  • Email Address*
  • Type of Restaurant
  • Current Website (skip if none)
  • Best Time to Be Reached At (skip if none)
  • A space for Roberto to discuss any additional details on what he wants his website to look like and what he needs it do do.


He then clicks the “Submit” Page, and is redirected to another page that lets him know that we have received his message, and he will be contacted within 24-72 hours.


The End.


(This is still very much of a work in progress. And I have so many ideas in my head. But it's nice to get the basic ideas down in a somewhat structured format). If you read this entire thing, thanks!


I welcome all feedback because I want to continue building and improving on this to make the experience of navigating a web design agency website as easy and straightforward as possible for the web visitor.