Rest in Peace and Quiet

Rest in Peace and Quiet - student project

I was immediately drawn to the word quiet. I had some quick image come to me for loud but I got more excited about what I could do with quiet.

Rest in Peace and Quiet - image 1 - student project

Started with my words and I immediately thought of the idea of resting in peace. There is probably no silence more deafening then that of a person who was once full of life, now gone. I also thought of the quiet that exists at the bottom of an ocean and sketched out a sunken ship with a smiling woman carved into the bow of the ship, but the image of a crossection of a coffin and earth appealed to me. Trying to not be COMPLETELY morbid I thought of changing death to sleeping and played with the phrase "rest in peace" by combining it with the phrase "peace and quiet". I may work the phrase into the illustration (as I've attempted to sketch) but typography isn't my strong suite and I also like the idea of just having layers of textured earth with lost buried artifacts.

Rest in Peace and Quiet - image 2 - student project