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Rest & Relaxation from eastern wisdom: relax anytime within few minutes

  Rest & Relaxation from eastern wisdom: relax anytime within few minutes


 The   Rest and Relaxation is the most important in life. It helps managing anxiety, stress, fatigue, distractions, and lack of concentration, memory and retention, improving overall physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The source

Eastern wisdom is 6000 years old having 3000 texts/teachers. It includes yoga, mindfulness, Ayurveda and allied sciences. It aims at discovery of subjective reality unlike science aims at discovery of objective reality. Both streams aims at truth and complement each other. The eastern wisdom aims at discovery of our ‘true nature’. The true nature is full of peace, happiness, love, truth and wisdom.


The course is taught through audio/video instructions, written talks and lectures. Thousands of people were benefited by attending the course even in managing insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, stress induced asthma, irritation, and other common illnesses.

Key learning objectives

Offer easy, simple, effective practice to move into conscious Rest, Relaxation and Resilience

Make this practice your constant companion at home, workplace and anywhere

Can move into rest and relaxation within 7-15 minutes

Universal approach –

 Anyone and anywhere practice can be done by irrespective of age, gender, illnesses and conditions of body and the mind

How a student will learn the program and uniqueness

The student reads, listens, watches for understanding, practice and experience. It is easy to learn and practice as it takes 8-15 minutes of your time. The most important part of the course is that it is non-practice and still a practice. Once you begin the practice and continue for few weeks, incorporate into your life, it becomes a non-practice. You can enter into rest and relaxation anywhere and everywhere – in car (make sure car is in parking space), at home, in workplace during lunch break. 

What are the elements of the program?

The elements of every session includes brief talk, steps of the practice, guided practice, sharing of experiences, understanding aids and barriers, myths and facts. You should always share your experiences to help you progress. The conditioned mind in the beginning challenges you through reaction,, resistance and revolt.

 What is the next step?

According to eastern wisdom, when mind moves within and awakens to conscious state of rest and relaxation, it is ready for higher practices to discover and awaken inner potential through higher practices includes mindfulness, meditation, Kundalini.

Three practices in the course

There are three practices in the course having duration of 7-10-15 minutes. This is because of mental states vary from people to people. All three practices follows the four steps from the great master who lived 3000 years and taught his disciple. I simply designed the steps based on his teachings in current format.

How to start the course

  • Listen to 2-3 minutes of introduction to the 4 Step relaxation practice ( 4SRP)
  • Listen and practice from the guided practice.
  • Share your experience and let me know what you fee, what are the helpers or obstacles you have.
  • Your experiences will help me to guide you further, how to succeed.
  • Post questions related to the practice.
  • Practice 7 minute -4SRP every day for a week minimum four times – morning, afternoon, evening and night. It means you do the practice – 28 times in a week only for 7 minutes each time. That begins changing the mind. When mind changes, and drops its conditioning, you will experience deeper relaxation.


Know the fact about us

We are free from cult, dogma, belief, religion etc. our four core values are based on principles of eastern wisdom.

  1. Learning the principles free from belief, cult, dogma and religion
  2. Contemplation over the principles that leads to conviction. The conviction removes the doubts of the mind and releases many confusions.
  3. Regular practice with wisdom. We encourage people to practice and share the experiences sometimes mind is heavily conditioned and leaves the practice by claiming, ‘ I don’t like it.’ We help you to understand to discover, ‘what is good for you’ should be done, instead of ‘what you like’.
  4. The journey continues starting from learning and engagement, educating the mind, empowering, experiencing and progressing and evolution and transformation. When you are the fifth state of evolution and transformation, you live, move and work in the highest state of mindfulness.

Let's understand and start 7 minute 4 Step relaxation practice 


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