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"Rest In Polo"

After setting up a bigcartel shop, I realized I needed better product shots for a new line of hats that I wanted to drop. A prominent detail in the new line was the use of 3M reflective detailing on the brim and strap of the hats, so I decided to take all three hats with the 3M detailing and just shoot them together.


Having never shot product shots or a lookbook before, I didn't know where to start. After watching this video, I decided to buy a roll of white easel paper for around $5 and borrow a DSLR from a friend.




I initially wanted to edit the pictures to have a start white background behind them, but found that subconsciously looking for the border of the hat against a white background strained my eyes. I decided a darker background with shadows from natural light would be better.

You can check ou the rest of the photos for this project at heiresy.bigcartel.com :-)


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