Nora Ryder

Graphic Designer



Responsive Portfolio Website

I want to design a responsive portfolio website.

On the work page I need a gallery to function like the one shown here. Ideally I want the user to be able to scroll through a vertical list of thumbnails of various clients with brief descriptions next to each one. After clicking on a thumbnail, I want a larger window to pop up next to it that would show about 1 to 6 pieces of work per client which would include print, video and audio samples. There need to be numbered buttons under it to show how many pieces of work there are per client and to highlight which one is selected.

Here are some questions that I have:

  1. Is this something that I should be able to create in this class?

  2. Do you know of any Wordpress themes that operate this way?

  3. Is this something that requires a special plugin gallery?

  4. If so, can you please recommend a plugin gallery that operates this way?


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