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Responsive National

I've been listening to The National a lot lately so they were the first band that came to mind. I don't know a lot about them (to be honest, I thought they were Canadian until I just looked up their website now! Funny...) This will be a good reason to learn a little more!

I'm not sure why their website is called "American Mary" -- though with a name that consists of plain English, I can imagine their SEO is a challenge. Their website is OK but not fantastic -- I think it could be simplified further.

Content Outline 

Single page website for The National (

  1. About (band bio, people, management, press contact, etc)
  2. Sounds (list of discography, with notes and tracklist per album, link to buy and images of the cover)
  3. Sights (image gallery including video)
  4. Tour (list of current tour dates w. links to ticket sales)
  5. Shop (link to external shopping site)
  6. Forum (link to external forum site)

There's a link also to 'Mistaken for Strangers' which is a documentary made my Tom Beringer -- I don't know that this belongs in a prominent place on the site so I'll leave it off to simplify (gotta love ficticious clients!!) but this movie's site has been designed responsively and is quite nicely done from my POV.


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