Respect To All Corona Victim In The World

Respect To All Corona Victim In The World - student project

Tuesday, May 12th 2020

Here's my last update. Thank you for stoping-by.  Below is the time lapse video, Fun class. Thank you!

Music: Armando Trovajoli.


Respect To All Corona Victim In The World - image 1 - student project



Monday, May 11th 2020

My Lazy Day, slow progress. Music: Ron Goodwin Orchestra - Al Bint Al Shalabiyya Arabian Night Vinyl LP


Sunday, May 10th 2020



Great class.

Honestly, I can't draw myself. But I really want to. I am pushing the envelope here. I used the grid totally, so I can manage the scale properly. Furthermore, I have not decided if I want go deeper on the sketch or not.

The work was around 1 hour or less. It speed up to two minutes. At this stage, I learned to draw directly from the model. I drew the basic drawn. 

Audio track by Difang Duana and Igay Duana, husband and wife of Amis farmers from Taiwan who came to be known as folk music duo specializing in traditional Amis singing. This song is called "Elders' Drinking Song". I love this track even though I am not a Taiwanese. It's a lovely track.

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