Resources for Card Projects

Resources for Card Projects - student project

Andy K. requested a few templates and resources that might help you get started! I wish SkillShare allowed file uploads. Oh well, I'll use dropbox for now.

CCG Cards

These are the very same files I created and used during the CCG card design unit. These include all the icons and images, too. I've included an IDML file for anyone on an older version of InDesign, but it will need to be relinked to via DataMerge if you use it.

Resource Cards

Again, these are the sme files I created in the Resource card unit. Same deal as above, re IDML files n' such.

Unfortunately I was careless and didn't save my playing card files! D'oh! Hopefully these will suffice for now though.

3up Print-and-Play Card Template

Once you have exported your cards to a flat format like EPS or JPEG, you can drop them into this file template. It's designed for 2.5"x3.5" cards with .125" bleed.

Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day, Game Designer by Night