Resolution Tracker


Resolution Tracker

Problem Statement:

We all have resolutions that we like to achieve. It could  be as simple as going to gym everyday, or eating healthy. Every one of us have trouble keeping our resolutions. Would not be great if there is tool which will track your progres, motivate you to achieve your goals and make you a better person? Also, It is always fun to get in touch with similar minds and find your way out to overcome your weakness. 


Resolution Tracker is a tool to keep track of your resolutions and connect you with similar minds to motivate each other. It will also provide the statistics on your progress and notify/remind you your goals time to time. 

Github link: 

  • https://github.com/psahu/RoR.git

The app link:  

  • http://intense-lowlands-8032.herokuapp.com/

Please let me know what you feel about this idea. Your feedback is valuable. 

Thanks In advance! 


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