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Resistance is not futile

I'm not sure at what point the "original" phrase came to mind: "resistance is futile," but it occurred to me that I believe resistance is never futile. So, that is why I chose this phrase for this project. I did a bit of brainstorming on what the phrase means to me, and then tried writing one word from the phrase - "resistance" - in five different styles (even trying a bit of chain link fence to communicate a barrier). I looked to the image of Muhammad Ali with his fist in the ari as well as the fist symbol from the black panther movement. I experimented with ways to turn the fingers of the fist into the word "not" but it was difficult to read it as such. 

In the end, it seemed the best way forward was to streamline the fist and replace the letter "i" in resistance with the fist and make it rise above the remaining letters. The question is whether I like the fist in white or black.... Next step is to bring it into the computer and fine-tune the letter ing and decide on final color. For now, all is done by hand, as you can see!











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