Hannah Katarski

Teacher, painter and printmaker



Resist techniques and masking tape!

I learned some interesting things doing these activities. I only used some light weight paper I had hanging around and thought I'd tape it down (which I never do). I left the first layer to dry overnight and the paper had warped so badly... but come the morning, it was reasonably flat! taping works!


I wasn't very original with my colour choice, but was getting familiar with my hydrus watercolours which are new.

I tried out a masking fluid pen for my text on the first one - way too thick for what I'd planned.

Then I remembered I had a black brush pen, but wasn't really happy with the fineness of that either, so the trees are blah.


I used white spattered ink, rather than masking fluid for the stars.d62f04a4

I combined the zodiac idea with a quote for the other project. Once again I used white ink, rather than masking fluid. I like the wax resist technique.



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