Resilience - student project

Resilience - image 1 - student projectI resisted this part of the workshop. I first created a project based on the Thankful option, but I wasn’t really loving it. I think my subconscious has been thinking about the resilience project because the ideas came much easier today. When I was almost done, I realized that I had subconsciously grouped things so I drew darker lines for the groups. The only conscious decision was putting asthma at the top. I’ve had it all my life and it probably could have a circle of its own. I put a plus and minus in the self-reliance area because it’s both helped and hindered me over the years. Finally, a quick story. I dated a guy for years. I found out he cheated on me and we broke up. I was friends with his sister so I got periodic updates. He married and later divorced. I was in town for a business trip and we had dinner to catch up. We were about half-way through the dinner when I suddenly thought, “I can’t believe how lucky I was to escape this blithering idiot ego-maniac.”