Resilience Pie chart

Resilience Pie chart - student project

This is my first time that I have made it visual of all the things that I have gone through. It was therapeutic to write everything down and was empowering at the same time. During this project there were so many emotions that I felt and suddenly felt a sense of relief. 

Writing  and painting Resilience Pie chart - image 1 - student projecteverything down also provided me with some perspective that some years of my childhood as well as marriage were extremely stressful and I had to find ways to become resilient, unaffected, forgiving to achieve my mental peace. Letting go is something I am still working on but overall this exercise was powerful and I do feel like giving myself some credit and love for all the things that got me to this point. 

All the stories that I saw on your course gave me the courage to put myself out and share a piece of my life. Thank you for doing this and giving a platform to express. I look forward to doing all your other exercise.